1. ENDANGERED PLANTS. There are a number of rare and endangered plants concentrated in a few locations within the crater. To protect these plants and the habitats, some proposals include restricting access to the crater rim, providing buffer areas around the habitats and implementing various fire control measures.

2. FRAGILE SOILS. There is only one "official" trail in the crater open to hikers. Yet, many hikers make their own trails up the exterior slopes of the crater or along the crater rim, causing erosion, altering the appearance of the crater, and trampling endangered plants. It is proposed that hikers be restricted to the existing and newly established trails.

3. NEW LOOKOUTS AND TRAILS. It is recognized that there are numerous views available in and around the crater and the existing trail can get crowded. To provide more view and hiking opportunities, new trails and lookouts are proposed. These include trails to a series of gun emplacements along the eastern crater rim, which could be created by clearing an overgrown service road. A major lookout being proposed, located on the crater's exterior side of Tunnel 407, would provide south and east views and overlooking the Diamond Head lighthouse.




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