4. HISTORICAL FEATURES. Presently, the only historical features that most people experience are Kahala Tunnel and the Fire Control Station on Le'ahi Summit, yet Diamond Head contains a wealth of hidden historical structures. The Master Plan proposes that the two major structures, Tunnel 407 and Battery Harlow be opened as interpretive facilities. Other historical features that would be made more accessible include: The Flat-Top Reservoir and a series of gun emplacements along the eastern crater rim.

5. VISITOR / INTERPRETIVE CENTER. Presently, the crater is appreciated mostly for its views offered at Le'ahi Summit, yet the crater consists of a number of unique geological, biological, and historical resources. An educational program including lectures and docents is in the making. The foundation is researching and consulting with the University of Hawai‘i Community Colleges and military historians to prepare the participants.

6. LONG-TERM VEHICULAR ACCESS. Presently, numerous visitors enter the crater via motorized vehicles and park within the crater. As the number of visitors increase, the increasing number of buses, motorcycles, and mopeds will detract from the crater environment (in terms of visual character, noise, and air quality). The Master Plan proposes that in the long-term visitor entry and parking be kept to the exterior of the crater, at the Cannon Club. Kapahulu Tunnel would be opened and pedestrians and bicycles would be allowed through both the Kapahulu and Kahala Tunnels. For those who cannot walk/bike into the crater, a motorized people-mover is proposed.


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